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We are Lakowa

Lakowa is a specialized supplier of plastic parts for rail vehicles, cranes, special vehicles as well as machine and equipment construction. We work at two locations in Germany and develop products with properties that give our customers direct economic and technological advantages. These include fire protection properties, lightweight construction and plug and play functionality. With numerous certifications in accordance with national and international standards, we document this quality and benefit orientation.

We are customer-oriented and drive progress forward.

Lakowa employs around 200 people, including many engineers, technicians and professionals. As a family business, we attach great importance to long-term and honest relations. We therefore always maintain a respectful deal with our employees and business partners. This creates a climate in which everyone is involved with heart and mind, which has made us a particularly innovative and creative company.

We are innovative and look for the challenge.

The innovative and creative potential of Lakowa is particularly evident in large and complex projects. Our employees appreciate it especially when facing challenging tasks. This benefits our international customers as well as our new and young people, who have special tasks and problems. In order to secure this competitive advantage in the long term, we do not only pay attention to their specialist competences when selecting new employees, but also to ensure that they fit into our company.

We are solution-oriented and keep the target in mind.

Problems are there to be resolved. We have been working with this motto for more than 100 years. For an engineering-driven company like Lakowa, it is self-evident that we like to work and face technical and intellectual challenges. But we never lose sight of the essentials and the relevant problems. At Lakowa, we always approach them in a targeted and customer-oriented way.

We are researchers & developers and know our roots.

Research and development has always been one of the pillars of our success. Our components are distinguished by their special properties, which we develop in comprehensive and systematic test series. For this purpose, we have set up our own laboratories and test centers at our sites, and we also work together with professional research facilities and universities. In addition, we have our own experts with appropriate scientific qualifications and experience.

The overriding corporate goal of Lakowa Gesellschaft für Kunststoffbe- und -verarbeitung mbH [company for the treatment and processing of plastics] is the preservation of economic autonomy and the entrepreneurial ability to act.

1. Customers

Our customer is the most important person in our company. Our customer does not constitute an interruption of our work, but rather its sense and purpose. Our aim is a satisfied customer as only satisfied customers come back again and ensure stability and growth.

2. Orders

Each order clearly defines a performance target. We coordinate with all the parties concerned. We fulfil promises and deadlines. We not only supply, but also provide advice and support – before, during and after order realisation.


Our products are manufactured, stored and transported according to the customer’s specification and general technical standards. We organise the process operation in such a way that losses of resources are avoided. When we realise mistakes or deviations in quality, we search for the causes of these and initiate corrective and improvement measures. Even in the case of tight deadlines, quality comes first.

4. Employees

Qualified employees connected with the company are prerequisites for quality and customer-orientated operations. We are a team and work responsibly and in partnership. We work jointly on continuously improving our products and processes.

5. Suppliers

The performance of our suppliers is part and parcel of our product innovations. We expect and encourage the quality capability of our suppliers. Good relationships promote the value added process and reduce costs for both sides.

6. Health, Safety and Environmental Protection

We want to do business in such a way that the environment, health and safety of our employees, associated companies, customers and the public are protected. We respect the relevant provisions concerning the protection of the environment, health and safety and plant- and product safety. We want to constantly improve our performance in this regard.

Code of Conduct

Lakowa Gesellschaft für Kunststoffbe- und -verarbeitung mbH commits itself to the GKV Code of Conduct for the plastics processing industry.

1. General Rules

We respect the laws and standards of the respective countries. Our business practices are fair and honest and consumer protection is observed. Business secrets are treated confidentially.

2. Cartel- and Competition Law

We are committed to fair competition. We respect the performance of our competitors. Agreements regarding prices, conditions, customers or markets are contrary to our principles.

3. Corruptibility, Bribery and Corruption

We reject bribery and corruption. Presents that may influence business decisions are neither accepted nor offered. National standards of convention and courtesy are respected without any obligating dependencies.

4. Human Rights

We expressly support internationally recognised human rights. We always treat all company members and business partners with courtesy, dignity and respect.

5. Child- and Forced Labour

We reject any kind of forced labour, child labour and exploitation of children and adolescents.

6. Remuneration and Working Hours

A fair wage is paid for fulltime employment to all employees. We maintain working hours according to the applicable law. Extra work is agreed on a voluntary basis.

7. Health, Safety and Environmental Protection

We want to do business in such a way that the health and safety of our employees, business partners and public are protected. We respect the relevant provisions concerning the protection of the environment, health and safety. We use natural resources responsibly.


Certification according to IRIS.


"100 years Lakowa" are celebrated with a festive event.


Foundation of Sohland, Ralf Liebscher becomes Managing Director.


Entry into the production of inner lining parts for rail vehicles as well as medical and rescue vehicles. Certification according to DIN EN ISO 9001.


Reprivatisation as Lakowa GmbH, the sole shareholder is Dr. Peter Liebscher. Production of technical thermoformed parts and production of special cases.


Restructuring of the company to the plastic processing company, set-up of its own tool shop.


Nationalization to VEB Lakowa Wilthen, products are suitcases and belts. Peter Liebscher remains in the company and becomes operational manager.


Takeover by Herbert Liebscher. As a private family business in the GDR economic disadvantage.


Recording the case production and starting the plastic production.


Foundation of Liebscher & Stolle backpack factory by Max Liebscher.