Thermoforming sees us mould a pre-heated thermoplastic panel using a one-piece tool. This is followed by the post-processing of the component with the aid of cutting-edge CNC technology which offers a high degree of design flexibility. Our products are also characterized by their low weight and good recyclability. The fact that tool costs stand at just 5-7 % of those that accompany injection moulding makes thermoforming an attractive, cost-effective alternative for either batch sizes of up to around 5,000 pieces or large-scale components. Our thermoforming technology enables us to manufacture components of up to 4,000 x 2,300 x 650 mm in size.

Resin injection moulding (RIM) is a means of mechanically producing polyurethane components in a low-pressure environment. The simultaneous injection of a resin and hardener into an enclosed tool facilitates the production of components characterized by a high level of precision. As in the case of standard injection moulding it is also possible to functionalize components in a variety of ways. The tool costs involved in RIM nevertheless stand at just 5-10 % of those that accompany standard injection moulding. This cost benefit is particularly advantageous when producing small to medium-sized batches. The use of a variety of coatings enables us to offer our customers RIM components with an outstanding level of surface quality. We also possess specialist expertise in the processing of flame-retardant materials.

We use our CNC workstations to process flat panels with the aid of modern 5-axis milling technology. The fact that workpieces can be processed from all sides ensures an outstanding level of both quality and adherence to target dimensions. In addition, a variety of cutting options enables us to offer customers a huge range of potential shapes. Our CNC technology allows us to manufacture components of up to 4,000 x 2,300 x 650 mm in size, reduces tooling costs and minimizes manufacturing times. Other benefits enjoyed by our customers as a result of this technology include a high degree of design flexibility and simple, rapid design modifications.

We design and build ready-to-install systems featuring integrated fixing elements, fittings and insulation. Systems are assembled using welding techniques or special adhesives – a service which is particularly beneficial when manufacturing prototypes, small to medium-sized batches or large-scale objects. We are able to assembly ready-to-install components of up to 4,000 x 2,300 x 650 mm in size.

We develop 3D models and designs for assemblies, components and tools. Where required we can also transfer your data to IGES or STEP format and draw up interconnected CAD-CAM applications. In the field of tool- and model building we are able to engineer thermoforming tools and CNC milling mounts of up to 3,000 x 4,000 x 500 mm in size. We also build detailed design models and prototypes.

Research and development (R&D) has always been one of the pillars of our company’s success. Our components are characterized by high-quality, precision features developed with the aid of comprehensive, systematic testing carried out either in cooperation with professional research institutes and universities or in dedicated laboratories at our various sites. We also maintain an in-house team of experienced, highly qualified R&D experts. In addition to developing tailored solutions to specific design and manufacturing projects we also carry out research into the various materials and production techniques we use. The numerous patents we have registered over the years make many Lakowa products unique in their field of application

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